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Creating Jobs & Lowering Taxes

Since we elected him, Jay Dean has cut more than $5 billion in state taxes and another $5 billion in property taxes alone, keeping his promise to reduce our tax burden.


As small business owner, Jay Dean knows the most effective policy is to support the free market to encourage job growth and prosperity. By cutting red tape and reducing tax burdens on small businesses and families, Jay is working hard to ensure a bright and prosperous future for Texas.

Border Security

Protecting our families from the southern influx of crime, drug traffic, and dangerous criminals is one of Jay’s top priorities. Jay not only banned Sanctuary Cities, but has supported border security at every turn, sending $800 million to the border over two sessions to help keep our families safe while upholding law and order.

econephoto Dallas photographers

Energy Independence

America must achieve energy self-reliance for the sake of national security and our economy. Jay Dean is putting his experience in the oil and gas industry to work to ensure that the best interests of our economy, job growth, and national security are being served.


Texas has more than enough untapped wind, oil, and natural gas resources to meet that need, but red tape and needless regulation are threatening to strangle our potential. Thanks to Jay, Texas is leading the way in America’s energy independence.

Defending The 2nd Amendment

Jay’s defense the 2nd Amendment has earned him the top “A” rating from the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association. Jay slashed concealed carry fees, passed campus carry, and has worked tirelessly to prevent the erosion of our rights from radical left-wing activists.


With Jay in office, our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


Improving Public Education & Protecting Our Schools

Our schools are the cornerstone of our communities and Jay has worked to strengthen our schools at every turn. Jay passed monumental school finance reform that added billions to public education and increased teacher pay while cutting property taxes.


Keeping our kids safe is also top priority, which is why Jay increased the number of school safety resource officers to protect our school campuses. Additionally, Jay passed legislation to improve mental health services in our schools to help prevent tragedies before they happen.

Standing For Life

As a father, a grandfather, and man of faith, Jay believes that all life is a gift from God. Jay banned the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion, voted to defund Planned Parenthood, and increased funding for the state’s Alternatives to Abortion program.


In the 2017 session, Jay received a 100% scorecard from Texas Right to Life and Texas Alliance for Life. This past session, he worked to continue his staunch defense of the unborn and our state’s most vulnerable by passing the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, increasing penalties for the assault of pregnant women, and protecting the rights of terminally ill patients.


Protecting Private Property

Jay passed legislation to prevent abuse of eminent domain and fights burdensome regulations that infringe on our property rights. In East Texas, land and natural resources are vital both our quality of life as well as our economy. From agriculture to the oil and gas industry, private property rights and the preservation of resources are essential. Jay will always protect our rights to what we own.

Addressing The Opioid Crisis

One of the most pressing issues on Jay’s list of legislative priorities is the opioid crisis. Jay is working to give patients and guardians greater authority to issue a “non-opioid directive” that would prevent a doctor from prescribing an opioid medication when there is a non-opioid alternative. This problem won’t be fixed overnight, but Jay isn’t backing down until this crisis is solved.

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