Creating Jobs and Lowering Taxes

jobsJay Dean is a job creator. As the owner of a successful small business he understands that good jobs help Texas thrive. He also understands that lower taxes can help his fellow business owners continue to provide the jobs Texans need.

As Mayor of Longview Jay worked hard to create an environment where business owners could thrive. As a result of his conservative vision, Longview has consistently been named one of the best cities in Texas to do business.

Jay supports the $1.3 billion tax relief package passed by the conservative Texas Legislature this year and as our State Representative will work to attract the best possible jobs to our district and to our state.

Border Security

border-2The Obama administration continues to fail Texans by failing to secure our border.  Jay Dean believes that Washington’s failure to act should not jeopardize the safety of our families. From drug cartels, to violent repeat offenders, we know the dangers of illegal immigration are real and felt right here in East Texas.

Jay supports the conservative, groundbreaking $800 billion border security package passed by the Texas Legislature and will fight for even greater resources to seal the holes in our border.

As a business owner Jay Dean participates in the program that verifies the legal status of all of his employees and supports the new state law that requires the state to use the same verification system.

Protecting Traditional Marriage

marriageJay has been married to his high school sweetheart for 36 years. His strongly held conservative beliefs define marriage as the union of one man, one woman and God.

While Washington wants to push their liberal ideas on the rest of the nation, as Texans, our religious liberties must be fought for. Jay will defend the definition of traditional marriage as our next State Representative.

Defending the 2nd Amendment

GunsFrom liberal activists and judges legislating from the bench, our 2nd Amendment rights repeatedly come under attack.  Jay is a proud gun owner and NRA member. He will always defend our conservative values and freedom to bear arms, including open carry legislation.

Improving Public Education

educationOur schools are the foundation of our community. Jay Dean will fight for our kids’ future by allowing for more local control and providing cutting-edge technology in the classroom – without spending beyond our means.

Standing for Life

As a person of faith, Jay is deeply opposed to the practice of abortion. As our State Representative Jay will vote to preserve every life – including the lives of the unborn. He will also continue the fight to completely defund Planned Parenthood ensuring our tax dollars are not used to end precious lives.

Protecting Private Property

In East Texas, our land and natural resources are vital to both our quality of life as well as our economy. From agriculture to the oil and gas industry, private property rights and the preservation of resources are essential.

Jay will never support burdensome regulations that infringe on our property rights or prevent Texans from successfully doing their jobs.

Preserve our Water

Protecting East Texas’ water supply for the next generation is critical to our families and business.  Jay Dean understands our needs and local interest and will fight to protect East Texas water from the urban cities, like Dallas, who want to take our land and water. As Mayor, Jay lead the charge to negotiate long term water contracts to secure our access to water for years to come.

Repeal Obamacare

obamacareLike you, Jay knows Obamacare is a disaster.  We all heard President Obama say, “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.”  The reality is, this simply isn’t true.

Texans deserve a healthcare plan that puts them first, not the federal government.  In the Texas House, Jay will oppose the expansion of Obamacare and fight against costly Medicaid fraud.